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Bonjoro Summary

Bonjoro is a video tool for Ecommerce, Educators & Entrepreneurs that lets you send personal welcome & thank-you videos to make more sales & delight your customers.
We have four. One is SaaS (sending personal onboarding videos to convert more trials). One is ecommerce (sending personal thank-you videos get more repeat sales). One is higher education (sending videos to applicants to enrol more students). The other, and largest cohort, is course creators / educators / coaches. They use Bonjoro to both convert more leads into sales, but also to build long lasting relationships with their audience and students.

Stand out in the inbox to get more replies and engagement

Start sending emails your customers will love. Bonjoro connects to your CRM or email marketing tools so whenever someone signs up, subscribes, or makes an enquiry, you can quickly engage them with a delightful personal video, sent direct to their email inbox.


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