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Data Mentor Summary

Data Mentor is tailored for individuals who frequently engage with data-related tasks, whether it be for learning, creating, or problem-solving. Your Daily Dose Of Data Learning. A new way to learn. Access your own AI mentor on-demand

Develop new formulas or code with simple prompts

Fix what isn’t working with detailed explanations

Get tips and techniques for any data topics and tools

Let AI guide you to a deeper understanding of formula or code

Create Your Own Knowledge Base On Data Topics
Create queries, threads, or custom documents

Solve Your Data Tasks Fast With Your Own Mentor
DAX, Excel, Python, SQL, R, VBA, Julia, M, SAS, JavaScript and much more!

Get AI Agents To Do All The Work For You
Describe projects or set learning goals and watch them get solved for automatically.


Data Mentor


What is Data Mentor, and how does it benefit users?

Data Mentor is a comprehensive platform designed to assist data analysts, developers, and enthusiasts in their coding endeavors. It serves as the ultimate coding companion, offering a wide variety of AI tools to solve issues, generate code, and formulate solutions. Whether you are a student, beginner, experienced developer, or a company aiming to enhance your development process, Data Mentor caters to your needs.

What distinguishes the Free Account from the Paid Plans?

The free account provides limited access to a subset of our educational materials. In contrast, our paid plans offer expanded access to a rich array of coding helpers, advanced tools, and premium features, providing a more comprehensive and powerful coding experience.

Do I need prior knowledge of data science or analytics to start using Data Mentor?

Not at all! Data Mentor is designed for users of all skill levels. We begin with the basics and guide you through each step, allowing both beginners and experienced individuals to advance their skills from fundamental to expert levels.

How is the pricing structured, and how will I be charged?

Subscription charges are based on your chosen plan and are billed on a recurring monthly or yearly basis. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, providing you with control over your usage and expenses.

Are refunds available if I decide to cancel my subscription?

If for any reason you wish to cancel your yearly subscription, you may do so within 30 days of your purchase for 1st year annual subscriptions. For monthly and yearly renewals, you may cancel before the end of the current billing period to avoid charges for auto-renewals. No refunds for partial use or services already rendered. No refunds for auto-renewals.

Will advancements in AI make data skills obsolete?

No, quite the opposite! Learning data skills is increasingly crucial in today’s technological landscape. Data Mentor embraces AI and ensures that users stay ahead of the latest trends with regularly updated course materials. Enhance your skills, stay informed, and Start Learning for Free with Data Mentor.

Can I obtain an invoice for my company’s records?

Certainly! Upon purchase, you will receive a receipt. If you require a detailed invoice for your company, feel free to contact us at, and we’ll assist you promptly.


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