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Oam AI Summary

Oam AI helps your guests with any questions that they have about your property and help you avoid the repetitive frequently asked questions that keep you up at night. Sign up for your first month free!

OAM stands for Operations, Administration and Management.

Let OAM operate, administer and manage your property autonomously and alleviate the biggest pains of managing a BNB or Hotel.

  • AI Check-in: Let OAM guide your guests to your property and answer any questions that they have. The same questions you probably get all the time! SMS or Whatsapp options available.
  • AI Check-out: Automated reminders to check-out on time. Once guests check-out, OAM asks for feedback and stores the info in your dashboard.
  • OAM Reference Library: Upload your property’s manual and any other documents that you have so that our chatbot can grab information from it and answer questions for your guests. The more information that is in there, the more OAM will know.
  • Informed & Responsive: OAM is able to offer recommendations suit to your guests specific needs. Bring delight and a sprinkle of magic to your guests experience with access to an AI Concierge at their fingertips!

With all the features you need

Oam AI


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