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Salesforge Summary

Startups, sales teams, recruiters, and lead generation agencies. Salesforge solves email deliverability and the need to personalize every email in any language at any scale.

  • Built by former VP of Sales and growth hacking tech geeks
  • Over a decade of B2B sales experience
  • Frustration with rising software costs: had to get email sequencing, pay for every inbox, warm up, email validation, and personalization tools separately
  • Main problem: Software cost not aligned to pipeline numbers
  • Solution: One app for personalized cold email outreach at scale

Forget about email templates and programmatically send unique emails at scale in any language.

1. Connect mailboxes

Send and receive emails from any mailbox in one browser tab leveraging Gmail/Outlook or create your own infrastructure within minutes

2. Stay out of spam

Warm up every mailbox for high open rates and validate every email address to keep your bounce rate close to 0%

3. Send unique emails at scale

Stop sending templates or spending 10min-30min to personalize each email. Do it now within seconds via AI leveraging seller and buyer data.

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