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TypeflowAI Summary

TypeflowAI addresses the challenge of harnessing AI to enhance form interactions. Transforming questions into dynamic merge tags enables the creation of high-level prompts for sophisticated AI tools. This approach significantly improves productivity and scalability within businesses by embedding AI-powered forms into key operations, facilitating the development of dynamic lead magnets, AI quizzes, calculators, and more, all designed to generate contextually adaptive responses.

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using a question-centric approach

Embed AI-powered forms within essential business operations and elements to enhance productivity and enable scalability.

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What is TypeflowAI?

TypeflowAI is the next generation of form builders, enabling businesses to create dynamic, AI-powered forms that integrate the best of form builder features with the power of AI. TypeflowAI forms are designed to be more conversational, interactive, and intelligent, providing a more engaging and efficient form-filling experience for users.

Is TypeflowAI free?

TypeflowAI offers a free tier with basic features, like a simple forms, suitable for individuals or small projects. For advanced features, like AI Workflow responses and higher usage limits, our paid subscriptions provide additional flexibility and capabilities.

Templates are included?

Yes templates are included in all our plans. Take into account that the result will depend on the GPT engine used (GTP-4, GPT-3.5,…).

How do I integrate TypeflowAI into my application?

Integrating TypeflowAI is easy. Simply copy a script tag to your HTML head, or use NPM to install TypeflowAI for platforms like React, Vue, Svelte, etc. Once installed, initialize TypeflowAI with your environment details. Learn more with our framework guides here.

Is TypeflowAI GDPR compliant?

Yes, TypeflowAI is fully GDPR compliant. Whether you use our cloud solution or decide to self-host, we ensure compliance with all data privacy regulations.

Can I self-host TypeflowAI?

Absolutely! We provide an option for users to host TypeflowAI on their own server, ensuring even more control over data and compliance. And the best part? Self-hosting is available for free, always. For documentation on self hosting, click here.

How does TypeflowAI pricing work

TypeflowAI offers tiered pricing: Basic at $29/month, Pro at $99/month, and an annual Enterprise plan. Each tier provides more AI responses and advanced features, suitable for different business scales.

Is payment secure?

Yes, payment security is our priority. We use Stripe, a trusted payment gateway, ensuring your details remain secure and private. We do not store any of your credit card information.

Do I need a ChatGPT/OpenAI paid account?

A ChatGPT/OpenAI account is not needed for Basic or Pro plans. An OpenAI API account is required only for the Enterprise plan and if you opt for unlimited AI responses.

What’s the difference between traditional form builders and next-gen AI forms?

Next-gen AI forms, like those powered by TypeflowAI, use artificial intelligence to predict and auto-complete answers, provide dynamic responses based on user input, and offer a more conversational and interactive form-filling experience.

What’s the difference between ChatGPT and TypeFlowAI?

ChatGPT excels in text generation, while TypeFlowAI focuses on enhancing forms with AI, offering advanced interactivity and integration capabilities for businesses.


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